Friday, July 16, 2010

It's been one year since my return to the states. Ya hace un año.

It's been a year since i returned from are some ponderings of mine :) i hope to return for a visit just as soon as i can get vacation time and $$ saved. This land never leaves my heart!!

a land unknown. a land that stole my heart practically the moment i stepped foot on the soil. a land that to some think is ugly, smelly, and dirty....i only see the beauty. the heat hits your face...breath in deeply....ahhh the beauty of warmth. open your eyes. people everywhere...mostly darker-skinned, petite women with children. some men. all bustling somewhere...but not hustling like most north americans are used to. these people, these precious people, are hustling to see loved ones. to spend time with people...the most precious thing anyone can have...loved ones. go to this country, you will be embraced with open arms, loving and mostly non-judgemental hearts. you are who you are. love others, accept others, and you will be accepted as family.

i became part of this land. daily tasks, shopping trips, 4 little children, beautiful little boys, in tow, driving a 1/2 broken down trooper through a diesel-filled city. the only difference on the outside? light-skin, blonde hair, and an accent that one quite couldn’t place...not total north american choppy, but not authentically honduran smooth spanish. “are those boys yours?” is a common question that would be asked. “yes!” I would answer beaming. I loved my boys. God sure did bless me.

coming back to my home-land...a strange feeling. a feeling of a life in a new country...although it was my country. constantly wondering how my loved ones in my doing. are they safe? are they happy? fed? hungry? sad? who’s there for them when they need someone to talk to? sometimes these questions would haunt me for hours. wishing i could do something. be there. i grieved. i gave them over to the Lord.

with family again. blood-related. nothing can separate this kind of love. game nights. laughter. camp. joy. re-connecting and happiness. cousins. babys. embrace.

.......and i have learned. nothing can separate the love of those in honduras either. thank God for you all. miss you from the depths of my heart!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moved....but not moved on :)

As in...I've moved to Milwaukee...but I'm not forgetting it will always be in my heart.

It was a good couple months being able to spend time with my parents up in the Northwoods...and now it's good to be getting settled (again!) in a new home. I will be in this place for the next 9 months and then we will see where God decides to take me after that!!

The past couple days i've just been moving in, and exploring the area really! It's nice to be in a city with things just minutes away.

I'm in the library posting today as i don't have internet in my house yet...but hope to within a couple of weeks.

The job search is still ongoing.....and hopefully will land something soon! Definitely a faith-trust builder!

Well, that's about all for now :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

It's about time?!?!

Well, much has changed since I last wrote!

I have moved back to the USA, and am now living with my parents until mid-August, while job-searching and re-adjusting to USA life.
Do I miss honduras?? Yes...tremendously, and a part of me is always going to be there.
Is there really a war going on in honduras right now? Well, there's not technically a so called "war" going on. They ousted the president..and that is a good thing...and the president wants to be back in power and that is causing all kinds of demonstrations by both parties. Peaceful demonstrations by those who do not want him back in power, and destructful ones by those who do want him back in power. Does that tell you anything? Anyways...if you are interested in this ...i am going to scan an article into this blog one day soon that describes, very well, what is happening. Please do not listen to all the news that you hear...the USA is not doing a good job at covering this at all.

What are you doing now with your life? I am looking for jobs in Milwaukee, WI. Social-work jobs that involve youth, and bi-lingual needs. (spanish/english of course).

Why Milwaukee? Well, because it made sense. There were a ton of jobs available in Milwaukee, and it was a God-thing that my former roommate from college, whom is a dear friend of mine, was looking for a roommate, and i was looking for a place to stay! Perfect! God knows best...

Will you ever go back to Honduras? This is a loaded question for me, but the easy answer is ...of course! I plan to go visit, if it is financially feasible, at least one time a year. I have very dear friends there and plan on keeping up with those friendships.

Are you afraid you will lose your spanish? Like anyone who doesn't speak a language 24/7, I know i will lose a bit of the "easiness" of speaking it. But it's still very fresh in my mind, and i do e-mail, chat, and talk on the phone in spanish several times a week. Also I plan on leading a spanish bible study once a month and also hope to use it in whatever work i have in the future.

So....there's an update on the typical questions :) I would love to hear from you all...please feel free to email me at
No..i am not changing that e-mail i said...there will always be a part of me in honduras :)

I'll leave you with some pictures of my last days in Honduras, and also some pics of my time here in the USA so far...

Joshy (my cousin's baby)and I...such a joy-giver!

4-wheeling in Wisconsin

My last night in sad!!! With a bunch of my friends...

Two of my good buddies in La Ceiba...Byron and Tayron.

Visited the Ranch the day before i flew out to say goodbye to the hard! This is me with my baby...who's not really a baby anymore! Darwin...

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's been awhile!

Sorry that I haven't written a blog in a long while. Maybe since i've moved to La Ceiba. I haven't even looked at my blog ha! But maybe that's a good sign....I've been busy!

Typical day is that i leave my house at 7:00am and walk to school to be at school by 7:30am and start classes. I have spanish from 7:30-11:30 every day....walk back home for lunch. And then lately it's been typical to have some friends over in the afternoon. (Spanish speaking). At night i usually hang out with some other friends, or just hang out here with the people who live in the house.

Here are some pictures...cuz as by now you know the definitely speak louder than words.

Me and baby Angie. She is the daughter of one of the girls I live with!

Oneida and I. She is one of the girls i live with and the one who cooks for us.

There are lots of rivers here
Having fun with some other students and a friend of mine

My friend is a professional dancer so he taught me and 3 other students (one not pictured) salsa, merengue and bachata one week! It was very fun

God has blessed me with a great friend!

......I FINALLY got my nose pierced!!!!!!!

My school

The ocean

At a restaurant with about 10 other people (that you cannot see). It was the birthday of the dude (a student at the school also) to my right and so these guys where playing and singing you could call it :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Despedidas y Una Amiga!!!

To translate.....going away parties and a friend!!!

I always knew March was going to be a busy month. And a sad one! I leave in 19 days from the Ranch. It is breaking my heart, but I am truly savoring every's almost hard to decide where and who to spend my time with as I know the opportunities to spend time with these people on a daily basis is coming to an end.

On Saturday, we had a Despedida (going away party) here on the Ranch for 4 people...Me, another former teacher, Jesse, and a couple, the Mallasch's. All of us are leaving (the couple already has left) the ministry this month...and so the party was a good time of all getting together, playing some softball, and just enjoying fellowship.

This week, last friday, my friend Tammy came to visit me and the Ranch! It's been so fun to have her here again. She was my roommate when i first moved to the Ranch, and we have continued to stay in touch, even though she left the Ranch after being here for 3 years...and has been living in IL now for the past year and a half.

The pictures are from the Despedida mostly...and some of Tammy.


brayan, tammy, shelly and I after a night of games

wilson and i

The frosting got a little out of control :)

Junnior and I!!!

Obed and I

Steve, Brayan, Oscar, and I

Me, Tammy and Steve--friends re-united!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

nothing much new!

I thought i would write a quick post, even though there really isn't much new right now. are some of my thoughts:

**I'm glad I'm not super sick anymore....tired yes, sick no!

**I'm sure gonna miss these kids...

**I am so thankful for the less-rainy weather upon us. Although the windchill is a bit chilly still!

**I just made an awesome peppermint brownie torte ...yummm ...3 layers of brownies, a layer of a whipcream/creamcheese/mint extract and then a layer of chocolate whip cream! can you say double-yum???

**I finally have my ticket to fly up to Ceiba. Yes, I'm flying. Why...well i don't feel like getting into Ceiba way at night like i could if i took a bus, and also i get really impatient on busses, and honduras is playing a big game that night and i don't want to miss it ;)

**It took forever to get my ticket to fly up to Ceiba...cuz the comp. froze as i was buying it online so i didn't know if it had gone through or not. Thanks to a bi-lingual 15 year old here on the ranch, who called the airlines for me and got it all straightened out....i now for sure have a ticket AND confirmation number....!

**I think that's about all for now :)

Blessings on your day!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

doctors, dentists and eye-doctors!

Ha this is going to be a random post, but as i got to thinking, lately, I have been to a lot of doctors recently....first eye-doctor, than a visit to the ER, and then to the dentist! Whew! Good thing medical care here in honduras is fairly cheap! Here's the rundown!

Total eye-visit including new glasses and lenses cost less than $25 USD. See picture.

I had to go to the ER due to major dehydration after being extremely sick....they gave me an IV and pumped me full of other drugs....and was MUCH cheaper than in the states, but still a decent chunk of money so i'm not gonna put that on here :)

Then I went to the dentist and turned out that I didn't need to get any work done, like i thought i had, and so all i was charged for was the x-ray: $15 USD. total.

God is good :)